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Nothing happens past "Please wait. Sitemap generation in progress..."

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--- [external links are visible to admins only] ---I have installed the Unlimited Sitemap Generator on my server and set all the appropriate permissions as outlined in the documentation. With all the default settings I have asked it to crawl my site but I don't get any status message beyond the initial "Please wait. Sitemap generation in progress...". Not page count, no estimated time. No error response. Nothing.

I worried it was timing out so I changed the configuration to only index 20 files to a depth of 3 levels. Still the same results.

My sitemap.xml file is still zero K but I do see some small session files are being created in the "data" folder. This indicates that the index process seems to start but it seems to fail without generating an error. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this issue. My searches in this forum did not find any solutions that worked in my case. Thanks.

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I have same problem described here. Could you check my generator options please.. I sent an private message to admin. looking forward your help.

XML-Sitemaps Support:
Replied to your PM.

Hi, i'm getting the same error as jaywest. Can you please help me too. I will send a DM.

Thanks Joost


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