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today i activated multilanguage in my xt:commerce online shop.

In the shop everything works fine and the URLs are like this:

German: [external links are visible to admins only]
English: [external links are visible to admins only]

The only problem is, that the generator is only crawling sites with the english language (/en/).
What can I do to get the generator to crawl all pages in both languages?

Please help.


XML-Sitemaps Support:

make sure that there are links to other languages version so that generator crawler can find them.

Thanx, that was the problem.

Anayway, I got another problem.

I tried to create separate sitemaps:

To get the english only sitemap, I used the option "Include ONLY URLs:" with the string /en/

To get the german only sitemap, I uses the option "Exclude URLs:" withe the same string /en/

Both didn't work ???

XML-Sitemaps Support:
What was the result you got with these settings?


I guess, I found one problem for the "Include ONLY" URLs: option.

I got two strings in the field, seperated with space:

:: and /en/

This apperantly does not work. I thought, if I use two strings, it would work like including only the URLs which match both strings.

If put only the string /en/ in the filed, I got a sitemap with only the english URLs, but also URLs without :: in the string are included. So each string for itself works, but not both together.

About the other problem with the "Exclude URLs:" withe the same string option ...

With this option 0 pages are indexed.


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