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Problem with URl

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Hello, please, help me with my problem!

Ihave two urls (first is really url, second url is after site generator scanned it:

1) [external links are visible to admins only]

2) [external links are visible to admins only]�МПвМые_автПЌаркО/Ssang_Yong/КПМцепты_О_прПтПтОпы/Ssang_Yong_C200_Eco_Hybrid_Concept_'2009?type=images

But second url (please open it) how you can see dont work properly. Please, help.

And after we  will decide this problem how can I delete maps? Simply delete sitemap.xml and ror.xml? or something else?

XML-Sitemaps Support:

the links in xml sitemaps are urlencoded, you need to submit them to google: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dashboard

You can upload empty files over existing sitemap.xml and ror.xml

Please, open this urls. Second url dont display page properly.  ??? I dont understand

XML-Sitemaps Support:
That URL seems to be pasted incorrectly - try to paste it in [ code ] [ /code ] tags in your post.


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