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Crawl only pages of a specific directory



I have a photo gallery and am trying to get to make an image sitemap.

I specify image sitemap, and then in the "Include Urls" box my gallery URL:
[external links are visible to admins only]

However this only seems to add the pages and images that appear on the index page of /photos/ - How do I get it to spider everything in /photos/ ? For example /photos/france/paris.html and other similar urls.

Thanks for any help!

XML-Sitemaps Support:
You should empty the "Include Urls" setting and set http://www.example.com/photos/ as Starting URL for generator.

Should I keep "Pars Only" empty as well? I only want to include the /photos/ pages and images

XML-Sitemaps Support:
Yes, empty too. As long as you have /photos/ as Starting URL, only that folder and it's nested subfolders will be added in sitemap.


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