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How to generate sitemap from an interrupted session?

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I have a large site:

The interrupted session says:
URLs added: 243644,
estimated URLs left in a queue: 226115
This process ran for 16 hours.

I want to build a sitemap from this interrupted session, how can I do that?

XML-Sitemaps Support:
You can set "maximum URLs" setting to say "250000" and resume generator.

That will stop the process to continue. I need the process to go forward.

I want a new feature added to the resume screen on Crawling tab.
It should call build sitemap from current status.

Also I need another new feature, I want regexp recognized in the do not parse section, as I have some wildcards I can use it there and can't do it by substring match.

When could you implement that?

Also `Click here to interrupt it.` doesn't seem to do the job.

As the process gets stopped, but after a few moments it starts again. I issued the process from the browser, not by a cron job.

XML-Sitemaps Support:

perhaps you have it still open in browser, so it auto-resumes the process. You can rename generator folder (to say "generato2") to avoid that.


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