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How to Handle Redirect


My site is not located at the root of the domain hosting.  I have a site redirect pointing to a Wordpress installation in a subfolder of the domain root.  The Wordpress site also links to a forum installation in a different subfolder off the domain root.  I'd like the generator to run from the domain root to pick up both the forum subfolder and the wordpress subfolder.  What is the proper way to handle this?

Based on some other posts, I've change the 301 Site Redirect to only apply to [external links are visible to admins only] and redirect to [external links are visible to admins only].  I've changed the configuration settings to use [external links are visible to admins only] as the starting URL.  My Save Sitemap To setting is:  /home/content/78/2293578/html/sitemap.xml.  And the Your Sitemap URL setting is:  [external links are visible to admins only].

For now, I'm only trying to create the sitemap.xml file, but I keep getting:

HTTP output:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Recall, all of my site's content is located in 2 folders off the root, wpress and forums.  I've tried many different tweaks of the configuration settings, but can't seem to get things working correctly.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

XML-Sitemaps Support:

please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.

I sent you a pm.  Let me know if you have any luck...  Thanks


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