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About Us Phone:1-778-747-0442 Contact Welcome | Logout About Us Contact Phone: 1-778-747-0442 Live Chat Login Toggle navigation Badges Badges Protection Pro Badge No Badge Protection Compliance Badge Protection Upgrade|Learn More Monitoring Website Detective Copy Scanner Add a protected item DIY Cases (Do it yourself) WordPress Plugin Register Your Copyright Website Learn More Signup / Upgrade to Pro Features Protection Certificate WordPress Plugin Watermarker Monitoring Keywords Images Reputation Search Engine Service Options Reprocess Protected Pages Delete Protected Pages Get Verified Fast indexing How to Add a Badge Register Your Copyright TAKEDOWNS Create Managed Takedown Managed Takedowns DIY Takedowns Create DIY Takedown Create Trademark Takedown Create Defamation Takedown Create Takedown Counter Claim Takedown Options Start a Takedown Trademark Takedown Defamation Takedown Takedown Counter Claim's Content Protection Extra Content Theft Research Learn More Personal Takedown Commercial Takedown DIY (Do it Yourself) Monitoring Working with Law Firms Multiple Takedown Pricing Guides How to choose a DMCA Takedown Service Provider How to file a DMCA Takedown Notice? Corporate Partnership Program Social Media Survival Guide Mediated Takedown Case Mgmt Ask a Question COMPLIANCE Compliance Dashboard Compliance Cases Compliance Pricing SUPPORT Knowledge Base Pricing Ask a Question My Support Cases API Docs WHOIS DMCA Articles MY ACCOUNT Billing Details Account Details Edit Account Details My Uploaded Content Browse Account Users Add new Account User Change Password Logout DASHBOARD SIGNUP DASHBOARD × What would you like to do? Create a Takedown Get a FREE Badge Ask a Question Welcome DASHBOARD SIGNUP LOGIN HOME START A TAKEDOWN GET A BADGE Protection Pro Badge No Badge Protection Compliance Badge Managed Takedowns (0) DIY Takedowns (0) My Support Cases (0) TAKEDOWNS Create Managed Takedown Create DIY Takedown Create Trademark Takedown Create Defamation Takedown Create Takedown Counter Claim Takedown Options Personal Takedown Commercial Takedown DIY (Do it Yourself) Trademark Takedown Defamation Takedown Counter-Claim Takedown Working with Law Firms Ask a Question COMPLIANCE COMPLIANCE Compliance Dashboard Compliance Cases PROTECTION Website Detective Copy Scanner Add a protected item DIY Cases (Do it yourself) WordPress Plugin Register Your Copyright Service Options Reprocess Protected Pages Delete Protected Pages Get Verified Fast indexing How to Add a Badge Register Your Copyright PRICING SUPPORT Knowledge Base Ask a Question Lawyers DMCA Articles MY ACCOUNT Billing Details Account Details Edit Account Details Browse Account Users Add new Account User Change Password Logout MONITORING MONITORING WHOIS Log Out Home About Us Contact Chat on FB Messenger Ask us a Question FREE Submit your question to get takedown advice Full-Service Takedowns $199 /site » Our Takedown Professionals do all the work! 100% Money back Guaranteed. Webmasters DIY Toolkit $10 /month » What we can remove for you! Images Text Video Audio Products Industry Best in Class | Experienced | Professional | Qualified | Cheaper | Faster We Remove Stolen Content Anything that you have created! If your content is being used online without your permission. No matter where in the world the infringing website is hosted. If someone is hosting your content illegally, we can get it taken down fast, or your money back! Get your stolen content removed | Start Your Takedown Now Why use DMCA .com Takedown Services? As the name suggests, our team at are the industry's best at getting stolen content taken down. From our researchers, to our case managers, and client service teams, boasts one of the most experienced internet teams around. Our professional team of qualified internet experts know how to get your stolen content taken down fast because they have done it thousands of times before. Experience teaches what works and what doesn't. 100% Money Back Guarantee We only get paid if we succeed. No matter what site or what country the thieving website is hosted in the team prides itself on takedown success. We are motivated to get your content taken off a thieving site. This is why we have the 100% money back guarantee! If the content is not removed, you get your money back! What does the Takedown Guarantee include and what are the exceptions? Got questions? | Click Here to Ask Us a Question How do our Takedown services work? Your content gets stolen You go to We launch a Takedown Your content is removed! GET STARTED TODAY Time is Everything Speed is of the essence. You must get your stolen content down quickly. The less time your content is published on a thieving site the better. For many reasons. We know getting your content removed fast is important. All our takedown cases use date time codes for process tracking. 3 minutes is all it takes to complete our takedown form and get your case started. We will most likely have your content taken down before you can find a lawyer to work on your case. With experience comes knowledge. The takedown case experience at means our team knows the fastest path to getting your stolen content taken down. We have the right process and case handling procedures. has built a takedown case handling system that creates the most efficient, fast and effective content removal process. Whether it's 1 takedown case or 1 million cases. What are your options? Hire a lawyer | Go It Alone Lawyer vs That's wrong. There is no us versus them with Hiring a lawyer is a reasonable and smart thing to do. We would never recommend against getting help from a lawyer or law firm. Using is simply cheaper and faster. Lawyers are experts in law - at we are experts in the internet. Their business is the law and ours is the internet and that is why we can do what we do quicker and cheaper! There are many situations where hiring a lawyer makes sense. The legal communities are valuable partners in the fight against copyright infringement, content protection, and the pursuit of content thieves. DMCA .com often works with lawyers to help them pursue content criminals across the planet. It is a regular occurrence for us to work with lawyers or law firms to help our clients or to help a law firm's client get content taken down. You can read about how we work with lawyers and law firms here: working for lawyers and law firms. Finding a lawyer can be made even worse if the thieving website is hosted in another country than you or your lawyer. It can take days or even weeks to: First find a lawyer with experience in DMCA (internet) takedowns (lawyers like doctors have their specialty working areas). Negotiate fees and for a lawyer to get all the information on your particular situation. For the lawyer and law firm to start working on your case. will start on your case the minute you complete the takedown form and pay. In less than 3 minutes you can have all of the information regarding the theft submitted. has professionals working 24/7 on DMCA Takedown claims. Most of the time we can have your content removed from the infringing website before your lawyer could even get started! The amount you will pay is a fraction of the cost of a lawyer to take content down. PLUS! We offer a 100% money back guarantee... what lawyer does that? Get your stolen content removed | Start Your Takedown Now Go It Alone Unless you are an expert at either international copyright law or the internet, we do not recommend this approach. Battling the thief on your own can be an expensive, frustrating, fruitless, and time-consuming process. Especially if you are not familiar with how the internet works and the various takedown processes. Meanwhile, every second your copyrighted content is being spread around the internet! DMCA .com saves you time and money. Our takedown form is easy and simple to complete. Our service fee is a fraction of what your lawyer will charge you. We are very fast at what we do We are very effective at what we do In less than 3 minutes you can have all of the information regarding the theft of your content submitted. has professionals working 24 hours 7 days a week on DMCA Takedown claims. Many times, we can have your content removed from the infringing website before a lawyer could even get started! How we help solve digital theft? Has your content been stolen? Whether it is photos, videos, apps, eBooks, music, or entire websites, can take it down! We will remove it! All you need to do is complete the simple and quick takedown form. provides easy-step by-step instructions. Takedown Signup We do pre-takedown research, and will contact you to confirm the details of your case. Then we go to work! GET STARTED TODAY Our Clients clients are diverse in their needs. Our clients include: fortune 500 companies small business owners large companies lawyer and law firms video production companies video game developers web design companies marketers bloggers models online talent celebrities broadcasters NFT owners code writers and publishers social media platform users photographers writers musicians entertainers agents revenge content victims hacked account victims etc See our testimonials section below. Typically, the types of people who require takedowns fall into two categories; Personal Takedowns and Commercial Takedowns. Personal Personal content can be stolen and used in different ways to profit off stolen selfies or private photos. Often this content is used to harass or for revenge. These takedowns are for removal of stolen private images or videos, removal of defamatory or slanderous posts, and even removal of impersonating social media profiles. Learn more about Personal Takedowns Commercial Commercial content typically is stolen to sell fraudulent products to scam would be customers. These types of takedowns may include removals of stolen product images or descriptions, trademark names or logos, or even defamatory posts slandering your company. Learn more about Commercial Takedowns Types of Takedowns If you are looking for personal takedowns or commercial takedowns, the type of takedown will likely fall into one of the following categories. Copyright Content owners have the right to process a takedown notice against a website owner and/or an Online Service Provider (e.g., ISP, hosting company etc.) if the content owner's property is found online without permission. For these types of takedowns, the fact the content is yours, or if the subject in the photo or video is you, can be reason enough to process a takedown notice AND for the content to be taken down. Submit Copyright Takedowns Counterclaim A Counterclaim is in response to a valid DMCA Takedown by the accused infringing website or content owner. This is submitted after the DMCA Takedown Notice has been submitted and after the content has been removed from the listed infringing website. Ultimately the onus is on the copyright owner (complainant) to file an order in court against the infringing site owner, and the defendant (ISP / OSP subscriber). Submit Counterclaims Trademark Often Trademark content is infringed along with Copyright content. However, the US Copyright office and US Patent and Trademark office define these separately. It is very easy to confuse copyright infringement with trademark infringement as they are both intellectual properties, but refer to different things. Trademark takedowns often will be for removal of a stolen logo or stolen company name. Submit Trademark Takedowns Defamation Lies and misleading information can permanently damage your reputation. The internet provides a wide open, un-policed forum to post lies and misleading information which can permanently damage your reputation. A Cease and Desist can be used in cases of defamation, slander or other legal conditions. Submit Defamation Takedowns Search Engine Removal Most copyright infringement is discovered using Google Search and other search engines. One of the main reasons for theft on the internet is SEO (search engine optimization). A lot of content is stolen and republished in order to gain site traffic through clicks from Google. The first step to get a website/webpage removed from Google search results is to conduct a DMCA Takedown. Submit Search Engine Removal Takedowns Website Removal Often entire websites are copied and published under a different host in order to steal site traffic and customers private details. Removal of an entire stolen website is possible, to start a complete list of everything that has been stolen from the website must be provided. Submit Website Removal Takedowns What Our Customers Say Real Testimonial “I am very happy I found ! Their service is GREAT ! I was at my wits end with one person in particular stealing images off my website and putting them on his for SALE ! Then he even started making copies of my designs and popping up on free websites all over the Internet. Thru their "Take Down " service, managed to get his one of ISP's to remove my images from his web site QUICKLY and are working on his other site! Thank you I highly recommend their services to anyone having copyright infringement problems” Real Testimonial “It’s a painful and sad to see scrapers stealing the content you worked so hard for and claiming it to be their own creation; this hurts. I used DMCA takedowns to remove my stolen content, it always worked like a charm; the takedowns were quick and hassle free; minimum paperwork and correspondence I would recommend DMCA Protection to all my friends and well wishers.” Real Testimonial “Hello, Thank You so much for your help. The site has been shut down. How did you do it so quick ?” General Manager “I am really proud and glad to work with They helped us in removing and taking down more than 5 websites copying our copyrighted content. Their professionalism, quick reply and dedicated support make them the only people that I contact for any help in the Internet and world wide web industry. Great Job, thanks team. Best Regards ” CEO Testimonial “I am an owner of a recipe sharing site thats is global but headquarters are in the UK. We have spent 4 years building our content and our community only to find 3 major US sites have scraped our content and taken our traffic. I approached with examples of the copyright infringement and I was enormously impressed in their vigour and thoroughness to establish the case and the efficiency with which they got the takedown notices sent. The sites were down within 5 days from when we sent the notices and now I am just waiting for google to take the references out of the search pages Thanks for all your help!” Owner Testimonial “I have started a successful niche business. Others soon followed suit. Competition is not a threat. But the personal violation and theft of my voice and vision is. When I noticed other sites infringing on my copyrighted content, i contacted for help. In a matter of days the infringing site was completely off line. I felt elated and vindicated. I will continue to use to help keep my competition in check. Thank You” Real Testimonial “Well done. Thank you. Your company delivered exactly as promised and we are completely satisfied” Real Testimonial “I was shocked to find out how easy it was to copy our website. I was extremely angry that someone could do this to us. I found DMCA.COM after doing a google search and chose them over others, as they seemed to be the most professional. They exceeded my expectations and got the site taken down in 4 days! I have had a really positive experience with them and they delivered. If you have the same issue then I would highly recommend them. ****” Got questions? | Click here to Ask Us a Question Experience, professionalism and qualifications. As the name suggests, we are the industry best at getting stolen content taken down. DMCA .com boasts one of the most experienced internet teams around. Our professional team of qualified experts know how to get your stolen content taken down fast. No matter what country the thieving website is hosted in. On average we will have your stolen or copyrighted material take down within a few hours. Common Questions Click Here to Ask Us a Question or Browse our DMCA Knowledge Base Q: What is DMCA?? Answer DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a U.S. copyright law. It addresses the rights and obligations of owners of copyrighted material who believe their rights under U.S. copyright law have been infringed, particularly but not limited to, on the Internet. DMCA also addresses the rights and obligations of OSP / ISP (Internet Service Providers) on whose servers or networks the infringing material may be found. For more information you can visit: Note: Even though DMCA is copyright law in the USA our service is NOT exclusive to the US only. DMCA .com has worked with webhosting or internet copyright or Intellectual Property Copyright processes within most countries throughout the world. Our takedown contacts are in all the major hosting countries. Q: How do I get my content removed from another website? Answer If someone has stolen your content DMCA .com can help. Simply submit the name and location of where you found the stolen content and we can go to work on your behalf. Most of our Takedown clients are people or organizations that have found their content listed on another website without their permission. Some examples of stolen content that we work with everyday are: Pictures - of you or taken by you Videos - of you or taken by you Games Graphics Text Applications and Programs Profiles or Bio's - personal or corporate If one of these examples is like your situation we can help. Go to: and complete the form. Q: How do you get the content removed so fast from websites? Answer Here at the DMCA .com office, our team of professionals have direct connections to online industry leaders at the hosting and ISP levels. These direct connections allow us to deal with the companies involved in hosting websites and the content, bypassing regular communication channels which could take weeks to process. We have been around for years, and our direct connections with the hosting, and ISP's can cut down removal times from weeks down to a few hours or days. Q: What if my content did not have a copyright notice (stamp or logo)? Answer It does not matter. It still cannot be used without your permission. If content - pictures, articles, art, photos are private and original they are considered protected and even copyrighted. DMCA .com can get that content taken down for you. Q: How soon will my content be removed from an infringing website? Answer Normally we have your copyrighted material down within 24-48 business hours. Our best time was under an hour! However we ask for 5 business days to get our work done. The exceptions that may take longer are: if the OSP/ISP does not follow standard DMCA policy or accepted takedown procedures if the OSP/ISP is located outside the USA Neither exceptions mean the take down time will be longer. And most often our professionals will advise you of conditions that may take longer than usual. Q: How long does it take to fill out the Takedown form on DMCA .com? Answer 3 minutes! That's all you need to complete the DMCA Takedown form on our website. Then we do the rest for you. Our goal at DMCA .com is to make things as fast and easy as possible for you. If you have any questions along the way, we can help you through email or our contact form. PLUS we also provide phone support as an additional service should you need. Q: My ex posted my private photos (or videos) on a website without my permission? Answer We have handled many DMCA Takedown cases in which private personal photos and/or videos were posted on the internet and DMCA .com was successful at getting them removed every single time. If this has happened to you we can help. DMCA .com has been successful at getting this kind of infringement taken down from many websites on the internet. Or maybe someone gained access (stole) to your email, computer files, Handycam or camera and published personal content on the internet without your permission. DMCA .com can get them removed. Q: Can DMCA .com remove my personal information from a Dating Site? Answer Yes. If you have personal content that has not been removed from a dating website as requested DMCA .com can help. Q: I don't live in the United States, can I still use DMCA .com? Answer Yes you can. DMCA .com clients are everywhere and represent almost every country on the planet. We work removing copyright infringing content from anywhere in the world. Most OSP/SP's have a "DMCA Protocol" to handle their hosted websites infringing on copyright protected sites. DMCA .com has relationships with hosting companies across the planet and that is how we can get your stolen content removed quickly. No matter where you stolen content is found, we generally have your content removed within 5 business days. Q: Will you work to remove adult content? Answer Yes. DMCA .com and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services can provide Takedown Notices for adult content. If you own the rights to the content we can get it taken down. We also provide special discounted Takedown pricing for content owners and publishers that are experiencing multiple copyright infractions. Q: Can I sue the website for copyrighted Damages? Answer Yes you can. DMCA .com and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services we do not provide legal services. We can put you in touch with a few great lawyers we work with to help you claim damages on your Copyright infringement. DMCA .com is strictly a takedown site. Meaning we just get your copyrighted materials removed from the wrong website. Q: I never filed paperwork with the Government for copyright. Can I still get it removed? Answer Yes you can still get it removed. In the United States and most countries you do not need to file copyright papers to prove you own the content or copyright. Though we recommend getting your material copyrighted as it makes suing for damages easier, but a Government Registered Copyright is NOT necessary in order to get your content removed. Q: What about file sharing sites, can you get my files removed from there? Answer Yes we can. We have had great success getting files removed from all the popular file sharing sites including:,,,,,,, loadto, storageto, netload, ziddu, twoshared, badongo, despositfiles, filefactory, and the thousands more file sharing websites and message boards on the internet. Q: What information will you need from me when I make a DMCA Takedown claim? Answer All we need is: your name, email address, a link to the infringing website that is using your content, a link to your webpage or the source of the original or copyrighted content, a quick explanation and authorization providing DMCA .com to proceed with Copyright Takedown Action on your behalf. Q: What happens after I complete the form and pay for the Takedown? Answer As soon as you order a DMCA .com Takedown Notice you will be assigned a takedown case number. You will be emailed a username and password for access to your own secure DMCA Takedown Portal login. From this portal you can monitor the activity on you Takedown case file. In fact much of your communication with DMCA .com will be through this portal as sending information via email is not secure. Generally you will not need to speak to anyone at DMCA .com to get your takedown completed. 99% of the time, after you complete the DMCA Takedown form, our next communication will inform you that your copyrighted material has been removed. Should you require phone support during the takedown we can provide this as an additional service to your takedown. Q: Why should I use DMCA .com Takedown Service and not a lawyer? Answer We're cheaper and faster. DMCA .com specializes in online copyright infringement and in DMCA Takedowns. DMCA Takedowns are all we do - and we successfully file hundreds of them every day. Because we specialize in this field - our economy of scale has allowed us to become very efficient at the process. PLUS we offer a money back guarantee - which many lawyers won't. We're not lawyers and we are most definately not saying don't use one but between our pricing and our success rate you have nothing to lose trying DMCA .com. Lawyers, law firms and the legal community are valuable partners in the fight against copyright infringement, content protection and the pursuit of thieves. DMCA .com often works with lawyers to help them pursue content criminals across the planet. Their business is the law and ours is the internet and that is why we can do what we do quicker. Q: How much does it cost? Are there any situations where the DMCA Takedown price may be more than $199.00? Answer Our base rate is only $199.00 USD per takedown. The only reason this rate would change is: if the OSP/ISP does not follow standard DMCA policy or accepted takedown procedures - ISP's or Hosting companies in the USA generally follow accepted DMCA takedown process. However some of these companies have adopted their own version of the DMCA process and that takes considerably more time and steps in order to conduct the takedown. If this condition applies to your takedown we will notify you prior to processing your takedown request. if the OSP/ISP is located outside the USA - DMCA .com has conducted takedowns in countries across the globe, including throughout Asia (see case studies) However due to language, law and cultural issues some takedowns under these conditions either take longer or cost more. These non-USA takedowns require greater effort and are therefore must be priced higher than the base $199.00. However you will be notified prior to the takedown as to what you can expect the price will be. It will be your choice as to whether to proceed or not. The takedown service is a one-time fee. The price is set and paid before we start to work on your case. If there are any exceptions of conditions on your case we will advise you prior to commencing work. If you do not wish to pay more than the base rate or accept any other conditions we will refund your money straight away. You lose nothing. Q: Is there a case where a refund is not applicable? Answer To protect content owners, the only case where a refund is not applicable is when an alleged infringer files a DMCA Takedown counterclaim that is found to be valid by his OSP. Contact us for more information. Start Your Takedown Today! 495,593,249 Items Protected & 90 Million Badges Delivered Daily! About is the one stop shop for all your DMCA & internet copyright needs. It provides customers a variety of tools to help detect and defend against online theft of content. Learn more about Services Takedowns Protection Pro Badges Wordpress Plugin Signup/Upgrade Monitoring DMCA API Resources Knowledgebase Ask a Question Contact About Law Firm Assistance Research Articles DMCA PROTECTED © 2000 - 2022 Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services Ltd. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service

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