« on: May 06, 2007, 07:42:21 PM »
Thanks for a great server-side script!

I've abused the online version extensively to cover a lot of my site in 500-URL chunks by using different starting points and it seems to handle a variety of address formats better than any competing product that I'm aware of.

After poring over the pre-purchase documentation, I decided to get the stand-alone version primarily for the rich set of customization features.  I am extremely pleased.  Installation was well-documented and came off without a hitch -- even though I am an "intermediate" script installer at best.

It seems that those who have reported less positive experiences:

1.)  Failed to RTFM.
2.)  Are trying to overtax "budget" servers.  and/or
3.)  Are blaming the software for the vagaries of Googlebot.

So far, everything is running fine -- even though I have a HUGE site (based on a popular Web Services API.)

I've been lurking the support forum, and I'm also impressed with that side of the operation.  Even though I don't anticipate needing support, it's great to know that it's available -- especially for such a low-cost application!