Looks to be working, but no results.
« on: July 04, 2007, 04:19:26 AM »
I very recently bought SMGen (standalone version 2.5.3) installed the app. and configured it according to the documentation and considering some of the advice found in these boards.

I can set the options and the program appears to be functioning normally but there are no sitemaps in any form saved anywhere, nor are there any error messages returned. After clicking “Run” on the ‘crawling’ page we are sent to another page suggesting the process is under way, when that 'finishes' we are taken back to the crawling page, but no sitemaps of any kind are created.

We have tried quite a few PHP and static HTML sites, some on the same server as the script and all with the same result. I have checked the permissions on all applicable folders numerous times and we are confident the server configuration is as recommended. Any thoughts?

NB: I am happy to email the script URL, username and password for the program and the URL's for a few sites that I would like to crawl with my new program, so you can see for yourself.