SG hangs in a loop?
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SG normaly indexed 1902 sites on my page. But there is a funny thing. If i activate Spider-friendly URLs in ReviewPost
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it seems to be SG hangs in a loop and after 4500 sites i stoped it.

Normaly a link looks like
But the SG buts other links behind this link like

The directorys forum and galerie are different directorys on my server and not within the reviews directory.

I also got this problem on a friends shop. First i had a max_execution_time error and set it to 120. But still this error and SG keeps running and running and buts 3000 sites to the sitemap.
But in the shop i found no funny links at crawling...

Re: SG hangs in a loop?
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looks like you have *relative* links on your site, like <a href="forum/">..
Re: SG hangs in a loop?
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Yes thanks. After changing the paths in vBulletin from "../forum/" to "/forum/" everything works great  :D