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« on: December 05, 2007, 12:36:23 PM »
Good day,

I've been having 2 issues:

1) I seem to be having a problem with the site map generator. It always crawls the pictures even though i exclude the file extensions and the url where the pictures are located. I then removed the index from the pictures folder and now it reports all of the old locations as "broken links" How can i stop it from crawling the pictures? and how can i stop it from reporting all those old urls as broken links?

2) When the crawl is complete, is there any way of changing the format (the way it looks) of the HTML version of the site map?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Re: Pictures & Format
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1. most likely it finds old links via html sitemap created before. Try to enter "sitemap.html" to the "Do not parse" option.

2. you can modify generator/pages/sitemap_tpl.html template file to change look and feel of generated html sitemap.