404 error viewing/uploading sitemap
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Hello. I have recently purchased and installed the standalone version of your sitemap generator. for some reason i couldn't post in the bug reporting forum so  i hope you guys don't mind i post here.

my problem is i get a 404 error on the sitemaps when trying to view them within a browser.

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i can view the file perfectly from within the ftp (right click open), and when i d/l and open it on my pc as well (double clicked it opend in IE). but if i try to vew it from my site via browser, (above url) i always get 404.

i have tried it with WWW and without www, i have tried .xml.gz and regular .xml. the only ones that seem to work are the html and feed files.

at first i thought it was google because i kept trying to upload to google. but then i realized it's my host i think. i can't figure out what else to do to further troubleshoot this and find the real problem.

thanks in advance.
Re: 404 error viewing/uploading sitemap
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possibly your host has special handler setup on your server for XML files, please check that.
Re: 404 error viewing/uploading sitemap
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thanks for your help. you were right. (i just didn't get it at first until i realized the "handler" could be a file i have control over. :p)

found out my .htaccess file in root was blocking it or ridirecting or whatever.

you can see me be a noob in this forum. :p
http:// forums. techguy. org/web-design-development/687277-sitemap-xml-404-a.html

for the sake of helping others. my solution (incase anyone else ever gets it) was making sure an existing .htaccess file isn't preventing the file from being accessed normally.

thanks everyone for your help.
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