Just few pages crawled
« on: July 10, 2008, 01:36:28 PM »

I'm running "Standalone Sitemap Generator (PHP) v2.9, 2008-06-15"
My sitemap generator is running every morning to crawl after new pages on the site. For some reason I get fewer pages crawled now than the first time.

Is that right?

My tough was to send the sitemap to yahoo but it's now just 15 pages long and it's long from the to total amount of pages.

Hope for help

Re: Just few pages crawled
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Is there anyone who can help me with my problem.
I'm very depended of this function

Similar problems seems to accrue if URLs are not right but I don't have that problem :(. I believe :) 


Best regards
Re: Just few pages crawled
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Please PM me your generator URL, an example URL that is NOT included in sitemap and how that url can be reached starting from homepage.