Installation with Stores on Line sites
« on: July 23, 2008, 02:58:38 PM »
I have been struggling for well over a week and many many hours trying to get the site map to work with my 3 sites.

I purchased the unlimited version and tried to install them on each of the sites and always I get error messages from Google Webmasters. And the reasons were various.  I think a lot of the issues have been addressed, but no go as of yet.

Some background.  I purchased the unlimited because I knew one of the sites will be over the 500 page limit and when I tried it it was.

I purchase it and recently spent the additional money for assistance and gave them the requested information but nothing as of yet.

Some items I think of importance.

The websites are a product of Stores on Line and sometimes they beat to another drummer.  One big item was that I cannot change the attributes of the files and I am placing empty files on the server.

When I think I have it I get errors.  I need some assistance because I really need these site maps for  my business and if there is something else that I need to better interface with Google or others, please advise.

I downloaded the site maps on July 17th and I am wondering if I have the current version and if not where to get it.

Thanks for your assistance and help I need some sleep.

Dave N.