HTML Site Map problem
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thanx for amazing sitemap genrator

i have problem when i show the html site map

my language is arabic

and the html file in wrong language like that

…†تد‰ إƒسترا ؚŠ سŠ eXtra PC - ‚ا؊…ة ا„…†تدŠات 
…†تد‰ إƒسترا ؚŠ سŠ eXtra PC - „ˆحة ا„تحƒ… - ا„تسجŠ„ 
…†تد‰ إƒسترا ؚŠ سŠ eXtra PC - ا„أس؊„ة ا„…تƒررة 
…†تد‰ إƒسترا ؚŠ سŠ eXtra PC - ؚحث 
…†تد‰ إƒسترا ؚŠ سŠ eXtra PC - „ˆحة ا„تحƒ… - تسجŠ„ ا„دخˆ„ 

but when i try to change the unicode to utf-8  i can see arabic language good

how i can fix html file without change to utf-8 everytime?

Re: HTML Site Map problem
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you should change the character set in pages/sitemap_tpl.html file accordingly and then after you regenerate sitemap, it will be applied in resulting HTML files.
Please let me know if you have further questions.