"Include ONLY" URLs
« on: August 19, 2008, 10:50:11 AM »

I'm trying to enter multiple strings in to this field, such as /browse and /index.php?Mode=ViewFeatured. The Generator however only seems to pick up the first string. Is it possible to enter multiple strings into this field or will it accept only one? If I can, what's the deliminator that I should use?

Re: "Include ONLY" URLs
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currently this field allows only a single entry to be defined.
Re: "Include ONLY" URLs
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In this case I need to do separate runs through the site with a different set of configs each time.
Am I able to save these different configs and run through them on a scheduled basis from the command line?

Re: "Include ONLY" URLs
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You can setup multiple instances of sitemap generator for that (multiple entries will be allowed in "Include only" option in the next version of sitemap generator).