not crawling whole site
« on: October 22, 2008, 01:45:58 PM »
Each time I set the script crawling it stops after a few minutes and gives me the  message shown below, my site has 50,000 pages. I believe that I have set all the permissions correctly and I have link depth and everything else set to unlimited.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong.

Links depth: 1
Current page: directory/Desert_Blue_Jeans.php
Pages added to sitemap: 138
Pages scanned: 140 (10,322.8 KB)
Pages left: 56 (+ 7920 queued for the next depth level)
Time passed: 6:29
Time left: 2:35
Memory usage: 4,643.8 Kb
Resuming the last session (last updated: 2008-10-20 09:10:53)