Problem in runing php site map generator script
« on: May 22, 2006, 11:41:59 AM »
   we have a asp site  and we tried to create a site map using your php site map generator scripts,  but we can't create it, for this we already done the following steps

  I  created  a folder "generator" under my root and download unpacked site generator contents there.
  but i can't set file  permissions for "generator/" file and "generator/data/" through FTP. In our   FTP, file permissions only aplicable to UNIX host. so we gave permission through our web sever. Then i created a empty "sitemap.xml" file in the root.
  If I try to view the page  ie [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ],  it doesn't have anything on it when it's on the server although I can open it on the desktop in TextEdit and see the info there.  I can't figure out where/how to set permissions and where to set the configurations.  Most of the pages if I try to look at them on the server are blank.

we aren't familier with php script, so please give advise, to how give file permissions and configure php script in our asp site
Re: Problem in runing php site map generator script
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please make sure that your server supports PHP language.
(in case if your site is based on ASP, it's possible that php is not supported)