Timing out like everybody else?
« on: February 24, 2009, 06:38:33 PM »

I just installed the program and ran into the same issue as most. While trying to crawl my site, with a shared hosting package, it times out in a short period of time. I use a big one, network solutions, and like most they will not change the Apache time limits or provide command line access.

Am I correct in assuming that this makes the automatic crawl feature null and void for me and most others. And I have to sit there for hours and manually re-run the crawl until the sitemap is complete????

I hope there's a better way than that...

Re: Timing out like everybody else?
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did you try upping memory/execution time setting in generator configuration page? Please let me know your generator URL/login in PM.

Most customers do not have this issue though, it's just most commonly reported one - unfortunately some hosts have stricter limitations, but usually it's still possible to get it working anyway.
Re: Timing out like everybody else?
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It seems to be working now. Not sure if was upping the time and memory or something on the server. Before, it didn't show anything on the display while crawling, but now it does.

Another question: It shows one bad link every time:
"No Broken Link (Code 404) Referred from
 1   p-Never.html                   f1060-testlink.html"

But it's good???

Also, The HTML map isn't working. Comes up with an error - "Sitemap file is not writable:" but the url is correct, it's a good html file, and the permissions are at 666. If you click on download: HTML sitemap on the configuration page, you get a bad page starting with ".http:www.....".

What do you think?

Re: Timing out like everybody else?
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1. You should modify that p-Never.html page on your site - find  f1060-testlink.html" link and correct it. That's not a big issue, but it's better to avoid dead links on the site.

2. Didn't you modify HTML sitemap filename in generator configuration? If you have modfiied it, make sure that you create empty file on your server with that name, set 0666 permissions to it and regenerate sitemap (otherwise generator might be unable to write to it).