Broken Links Question
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Hi. I am getting LOTS (over 1000) of broken links when I run my sitemap. 3

Here are 2. I have searched the Referred page and can't find the broken link to fix. All 1050 broken links that I have are exactly like these.

Broken Link (Code 404)   
Referred from

Broken Link (Code 404)
Referred from

I started with Helios (my calendar program) to try and resolve the issue.
Final reply from Helios:
"It looks like your sitemap is including links to past events and your Helios install is set to disallow access to past events.  Or it may be a case that whatever script/app you're using to build your sitemap doesn't understand the webcal protocol. I just tested your webcal link above and your Story and Craft Wednesday in West Harford event was imported into my Outlook Calendar successfully, so Helios is functioning as expected."

Can you shed any light on this?

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Re: Broken Links Question
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try to add this to "Exclude URLs" option:
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