Sitemap Generator no longer works for me...use to but no more...
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I moved servers...and now it don't work no more.  I tried switching php version and mysql versions but still don't work.

My last successful crawl was march of 09.   I have a core i7 with 12 gigs of ram.  Does mysql effect the program?  Cuz I have mysql running on a 2nd hard drive instead of the same one like many normal web sites. 

Is there an error log file that I can check?  Also I have the newest version.

I would run the crawler through the CMS (choose won't stop even if browser closes) and it starts, then it stop at 20 pages.  Then it just sits there.  I ran it all night to see if it was running but in the morning nothing changed since I thought that it wasn't just sitting maybe it was still running in the background.  I tried it about 6 times already. 

I also ran the command line and stopped at the same spot as the CMS

<script language="Javascript">
function lt7ab9zfHzMt7Xsye(id,txt)
el = document.all[id]
el.innerHTML = txt
function KiZvch3YqOVdd(txt1,txt2,txt3,txt4,txt5,txt6,txt7,txt8,txt9,txt10)
'1,405.8 Kb',

So I finnally got unlazy and decided to post here.
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Re: Sitemap Generator no longer works for me...use to but no more...
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Please Pm me your generator URL/login to check that.