Sitemap for a directory
« on: July 12, 2006, 05:41:37 PM »
Hi im a newbie to using sitemaps.  Im am currently planning an aspx website that should have a dynamically updated sitemap so i can use a tree view control in ASP.NTE 2.0

I want the website to be mapped to the directory structure of the site and am looking for a sitemap generator that will generate a sitemap for the entire directory. i.e. none of the files will be linked to by the default page or any other page.  Is there a simple to use script available that will automatically crawl through the directory structure and not links?

Basically whenever a new directory is added to the site I want the generater to add it to the ne sitemap even tho it is not linked to.

I have been on the microsoft website and found some documentation on this but it didnt explain in simple steps how to actually use it. (I am new to ASP)

Any help would be much appreciated
Re: Sitemap for a directory
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Our script will only crawl pages that have links to them so none of your directories would be picked up.
Philip Nicosia