Oleg Please Assist!!!!
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Hi Oleg,

I tried to e-mail you but no response so I am posting my issues here,
I really need assistance as this is delaying my work. I am not technically inclined hence the request for support

Here are copies of both e-mails I sent:

Thank you for installing the Sitemap Generator.
Everything in the Sitemap seems fine, Except I am having problems adding to Google webmaster.
I followed all directions  for HTML and tried 3 times but I am not getting verified.

This is the error its telling me:

: We've detected that your verification file returns a status of 404 in the header.

I would really appreciate any help in this matter.
Thank you,

Hi Oleg,

Me again, now i cannot login my Sitemap Generator.
I followed all the steps you specified, everything worked fine up until I tried adding sitemap to Google webmaster and was not getting veified as per my earlier e-mail to you.
I am at a loss now , please assist.

Thank you,
Re: Oleg Please Assist!!!!
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google site verification is not related to sitemap, make sure that your website returns 404 http header when not found URL is requested. You may need to contact your site developer for that.
If you forgot the password for generator, you can remove generator/data/generator.conf file to reset configuration and empty login/password.
Re: Oleg Please Assist!!!!
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Able to login Sitemap now, Thanks Oleg  :)

Google Webmaster is down at the moment, will update you once the verification issue is resolved.

Thanks again.