sitemap_tpl.html variables
« on: November 23, 2009, 01:15:56 PM »
just trying to format the sitemap.html file.

I'm seeing variables like: cntmulti, link, cnt, ...

Is there a list of all variables avaialble ?

What I want to to do.

The links are seperated per directory .. <TVAR folder>

If want to change the title of the subdirectory

e.g. "xpages" into "All Product links'

for the root links ...<TVAR folder> which is blank ... into 'Basic pages'

Thanks for your help

Re: sitemap_tpl.html variables
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the only variables that can be used are included in sitemap_tpl.html, so you can only modify existing template to suit your site layout.
Re: sitemap_tpl.html variables
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Ok, Thanks for the reply....

Any solution to the question how to change the headings?

I have dir names like 'p' .. which doesn't look nice at all in the sitemap html

<TVAR folder>

How can I <TVAR folder> name for display ?