The generator starting from crontab, generates a /sitemaps/sitemap.html and /generator/${n} files, instead of /sitemaps/sitemap{n}.html files.

sitemap.html contains:
<span class="pager"> [1] <a href="${1}2.html">2</a> <a href="${1}3.html">3</a> <a href="${1}4.html">4</a> <a href="${1}5.html">5</a> <a href="${1}6.html">6</a> <a href="${1}7.html">7

How to get /sitemaps/sitemap{n} files?

Thanks in advance.
Nando Eskes
Hello Nando,

what is your html sitemap filename as entered in sitemap generator configuration?
Please let me know your sitemap generator instance URL/login in Private Message:;sa=send;u=1