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Several Problems Bugs etc
« on: August 19, 2006, 02:34:48 AM »
Firstly on a small site with a few pages it worked perfectly apart from occasionally it put the wrong anchor text for the link in the html site map

but on a larger site with less than 300 pages at the moment it goes incredibly slow, hangs at around page 180-200 and does nothing more, the interrupt request to stop it crawling doesnt ever work properly even after i use it several times and log out and in sometimes it still does not work

it never crawls all the pages i ask it to, to completion and creat anything

why is this whats wrong??


after following advice found elsewhere on this site i managed to get it to finish crawling but it seems to be listing pages wrong, i set it to put 50 urls per page and i have 260 ish pages that it lists on the sitemap html file

however it does not put 50 urls per page infact i was expecing 6 pages and got seven the last page had a dozen or so links the 6th page had less than 10 and the 5th page similar

i dont think thats 50 per page now is it lol so what could be going wrong??

Now i get it to generate site maps and sometimes it finishes sometimes it doesnt but if i set ot to split my pages 60 urls per page as google doesnt like too many urls per page so i dont want to go overboard, it shows i have 253 urls so i think hmm 253 divided by 60 is about 5 pages, however i seemto be getting 3 pages page one has loads of urls page 2 and 3 have alot less on each and both different amounts

certainly not several pages with 60 urls on each, it doesnt matter what value i set it for it always gets it wrong and puts some pages with large amounts and some pages with tiny amounts

i set it once and i got 8 pages 4 of which had less than 15 urls on them the rest had loads

i set it for 100 urls per page and it puts all 253 on one page

this has got to be a major bug hasnt it??
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Re: Several Problems Bugs etc
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2006, 01:55:15 AM »
i set it for 100 urls per page and it puts all 253 on one page

please let me know your generator instance URL in private message: