Sort order in sitemap.html
« on: September 15, 2006, 12:05:29 AM »
I've made my first sitemap, and it works just fine. Having looked at the XML file, I can see the way it is arranged as a simple list of URLs.

A review of the HTML file shows no apparent sort order. It's neither alphabetical nor by file name (with the page title showing). This makes the resulting sitemap potentially confusing for my visitors to use.

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But the initial page does not validate as strict XHTML, so some tweaking is in order. In order to have some control over how the sitemap looks, I cut and pasted the table structure into my PHP page template.

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Two issues come up: 1) the code in the copyright contains a "target" tag, which is not valid; 2) when the page title is stuffed into the a: links, the ampersands (&) are converted to &. The problem is that I already have them as such, so the code gets doubled: &, which makes the validator howl.

Suggestions or fixes??

Don Strack

Re: Sort order in sitemap.html
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Hello Don,

the links in html sitemap are structured by the folder "levels": the first block contains the pages from domain root, then all links from subfolder1/ etc.

1. You can correct this in pages/sitemap_tpl.html template file, we will also modify this in next sitemap generator version.
2. This will be corrected in next version.

Thank you for reporting! :)