Incomplete Sitemaps
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I'm very impressed with the script.  It was fast and simple to set-up, and technically does everything it is supposed to.  I say technically because I have a non-standard request I'm hoping you can offer some advice on.

I run a massive online forum hosting service (23,000+ hosted boards) and I purchased the unlimited script to crawl and index all of the posts to encourage even higher search rankings.  However, as you know and I've learned (I read through the forum before posting), the script doesn't map the PHPbb links.

What I'm wondering specifically, is there anything what-so-ever that I can do to get the script to map individual member boards and threads?  I was able to map my non-dynamic pages before, but I really need the script to map the dynamic ones as well, otherwise it doesn't really provide me any benefit.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer,
Christopher Ryan
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Re: Incomplete Sitemaps
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The script will crawl dynamic pages. The reason it isn't crawling any of your member forums is they are sub-directories of your main domain. For example:

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To show you that it does pick up dynamic links and forums I have created a small sitemap with the free online sitemap generator for one of your members forums which you can see the results at

Philip Nicosia