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I just downloaded the standalone sitemap generator with installation. When I click on the download link in my email, I'm brought to a page that reads "Incorrect Download Link Provided."

Where can I download the standalone generator, and where can I find the installation guide I paid for?

Thank you very much for your help.
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my apologies for the incorrect download link in automated email message, I've sent details to you via email.
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Thanks! I have it installed on my server, but now when I try to crawl I get the "HTTP Output:" error message. How can I fix this?

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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.
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I'm sorry but, in the email that I received I see no download link. I have several links to this website but, one is to the forum, one is to the announcement of the new release, with no downlaod link, and you keep saying to follow the link in the email that was sent. Sorry, but I'm lost...

Dear Customers,

great news! Another major update (version 5.0) for the Standalone Sitemap Generator has been released.

A number of important enhancements were applied in new version 5.0:

    * (new feature) Video Sitemap support
      a separate sitemap with details on embedded videos for your site - about Video sitemaps
    * (new feature) News Sitemap support
      new URLs found by generator and included in this sitemap - about News sitemaps
    * (new feature) Priority boost for new pages
      new pages on your site get higher priority attribute in sitemap
    * (update) Images sitemaps improved
      stored in separate file, with own inclusion mask, displayed in browser - about Images sitemaps
    * update: generator now splits xml sitemap not only based on the number of URLs but by a file size too
    * update: sitemap stylesheet updated for better layout when viewing in browser
    * other updates and minor bug fixes

Existing customers can get the new version free of charge using the same download link:,118.html.
Add-ons for sitemap generator can be ordered here:

The Sitemap Generator Team.

Any help would be appreciated...
Re: Download Error
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you can see the download link in the red box on all forum pages now.
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Thanks Oleg!