Issues since upgrade
« on: January 28, 2011, 07:52:56 PM »
Just upgraded to the 5.0 version on a few sites... smaller sites are running fine, but two sites with about 10k pages are having problems.  Aside from needing to 'resume last session' due to it stopping on me... when it finally does go through all pages... for instance :

'Continue the interrupted session (2011-01-28 14:32:56, URLs added: 12913, estimated URLs left in a queue: 0)'

there is no sitemap created at all.  From the message above this would lead me to believe everything has been created yet my sitemap.xml file is not modified at all.  Same timestamp as the last time it was created with no changes whatsoever and the control panel tells me nothing has been created.  The file does have 666 file permission as well.

I have tried adding a blank sitemap.xml with the same results and deleting/uploading the script from scratch.. again giving permission to sitemap.xml and the data folder with the same results.

Please assist as I really need to have this working on these two sites specifically.
Re: Issues since upgrade
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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.
Re: Issues since upgrade
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For the two sites in question with large amounts of pages I ended up logging into the shell and running the cron directly... from here they ran from start to finish and properly created the sitemap, however, I can only assume using the website control panel would create the same issue should I use it.  One a side note the other sites I updated which were much smaller in size worked perfectly fine running from the online control panel.
Re: Issues since upgrade
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Yes, for the larger site it's recommended to run generator in  command line instead of the web interface.