News Sitemap Submission Related Questions
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I'll be happy if the developer(s) of the sitemap software can answer following questions.

Our Setup: We have a wordpress powered blog and recently got confirmation of our inclusion in Google News. A specific category contains news related items. We have been advised by Google to use the news sitemap generator.


1. We currently use Wordpress plugins: Google Sitemap Generator & All-In-One SEO plugin. Do I need to create additional sitemap for Google News? If yes, how can the Google News sitemap plugin help us?

2. Is there a provision in News Sitemap plugin to include posts from specific wordpress category? We are guessing that if we install the sitemap generator in site root, it will include all the site URLs including those at which is not allowed by Google.

Re: News Sitemap Submission Related Questions
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1. you can use an add-on for standalone sitemap generator to create News sitemap for your site: It will create a separate sitemap file with pages that were added recently (it's recommended to setup a scheduled task to regenerate sitemap daily to automatically update news sitemap too).

2. There is a special setting for "Inclusion mask" in news sitemap option, so if there is a specific substring in URLs that you want to allow you can use it (like "category/voice/")