Recently purchased the standalone generator software.

Installed everything ok and set file permissions OK. Started a crawl. Have approximatly 10 - 12 thousand webpages to crawl. This took some time about 6-8 hours but completed OK. Then it started to generate the sitemaps and you get the percentage counter start and here is where the problem is it never finishes. It gets to between 70% and 94% on the counter then hangs and restarts after about 30 seconds. Site map does not generate.

So I started again but limited the crawl to 1000 and it generated a map ok. SO I incrementally did this again and again each time increasing by 1000 pages at a time and can get to about 5000 pages mapped successfully. Anything past this and I run into the problems described at the begining of the email.

I am looking for any help I can get to resolve this issue. Also I am happy to email you the link if you need it.

I look forward to some support.