crawling produces no output
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I have just installed the generator on our 2nd site - we have 2 sites and have purchased 2 licences - I set up the first site some time ago and on setting up the new site I have manually copied the same configuration (only difference being in the name of the sitemap html file (2nd site is Spanish)) and the url (obviously!). I've checked through the installation guide and all the file/folder attributes look correct (sitemap/ror.xml = 666, data folder 777).

Crawling on the first site works perfectly - on the second there is a quick screen flash (too quick to read), then the final screen with links to maps) is displayed. None of these files have updated - the sitemap details (left column) shows:

28 June 2011, 15:06
Processing time:
Pages indexed:
Sitemap files:
Pages size:

I am at a complete loss on this one! Just noticed that the link to current software displayed against the account in the forum is different from the one we were emailed?
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Re: crawling produces no output
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I've reloaded the software using the link in the forum and managed to get a  screenshot of the near subliminal screen that gets displayed (attached) -- it shows a warning:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied foreach() in generator/'d code on line 12

... Can anyone help here - this is extremely important to us, we have a 1500+ page site just sitting there waiting on this
Re: crawling produces no output
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Looks like created sitemap is empty, what is your site URL? (you can PM it to me)