Unable to update sitemap.xml and ror.xml
« on: July 03, 2011, 11:51:09 AM »

I have installed the XML-sitemap standalone program on my server (OS Win Server 2003) and placed it in my wwwroot folder, ie. application/generator.

The program works when I go into [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]. I have followed the instructions also to create new files sitemap.xml and ror.xml and I ensured they are able to be modified (I didn't use FTP as I have full access to my server).

However, when I crawl the website, the sitemap.xml and ror.xml do not update and grow in size and remains at 0kb. What am I doing wrong? Appreciate some assistance here.


Re: Unable to update sitemap.xml and ror.xml
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make sure that you allowed write access to those sitemap files in hosting control panel or via remote desktop (access should be allowed for IUSR_* usergroup)
Re: Unable to update sitemap.xml and ror.xml
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Hi there,

I have done what you have mentioned by allowing IUSR_USERS to write and modify. (Under Properties --> Security --> Users (WEBSITE\USERS).
Sadly it still doesn't update the sitemap.xml or the ror.xml.

When does the sitemap.xml gets updated? Is the file only updated only when the crawling is completed? Or does it update along the way?