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« on: June 24, 2011, 04:07:16 PM »
Hi there 2 questions really

1). If I create a sitemap through this software, will it update the site automatically, this is what I want?

2). Can I also confirm that once I have created the sitemap do I then need to physically put it onto my website? Then take it and submit it to Google?
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1. you can setup a scheduled task in your hosting control panel to run sitemap generator script at specific time intervals (like once a day)

2. if you are going to use standalone generator script ( ), then sitemap files are created on your server and there is no need to move them. Just submit sitemap.xml to Google once it's created.
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Hi, for an e-commerce site were new products/links added daily/weekly, would option 1 be best?

Am I right in thinking option 2 is for sites were the URLS are going to stay the same for the majority of the time?
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actually those were answers for 2 different questions and they are not mutually exclusive options :)
In both cases "standalone generator script" is used, and it allows to setup a scheduled task to regenerate sitemap automatically.
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Dear Sir

How to create  sitemap generator scrip ? the script = ?

Brian Wu