Generator not indexing zen cart pages.......
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  I just purchased the Unlimited Sitemap Generator with $10 Installation Service to minimize errors on my part during setup. There are only 26 HTML pages to my site at this time, however, I am using Zen Cart which generates many more pages. When I use the free online XML Sitemap Generator the service indexes 220 pages, but the generator I purchased is only indexing 26 pages.
  The reason I purchased the Unlimited Sitemap Generator is because I was getting Google crawl errors from the .php files generated by Zen Cart. My HTML files are error free as I've taught myself how to write clean code, but I don't have a clue how to fix errors in the .php files. I was hoping the Unlimited Sitemap Generator would help me identify which .php files to edit.
 I do have a problem with the initial configuration. Where is says "Save sitemap to" it has the path: /home/content/31/8765931/html/sitemap.xml already filled in. This looks like a Linux path to me, but it does not represent the path to the generator files that I access from my FTP client. Because I paid for the Installation Service I'm not sure if I should do any editing to this path. The URL to my website is [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]. The path in my FTP client is:[colors] /generator/data/sitemap.xml. This is pretty confusing to me.
  Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Generator not indexing zen cart pages.......
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could you please PM me  an example URL that is not included in sitemap and how it can be reached starting from homepage?