Very, very nice, and one little quibble
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I run two sites which get updated each day, and amending sitemap.xml by hand takes a little time, and if you make a mistake can be frustrating to correct. So this product makes a real difference. And it even tells Google that it's been updated - the update appears in Webmaster Tools.  The diagnostic information makes it easy to repair link and other errors.

Because it doesn't do to say nothing but nice things in a forum, I'll enter one little quibble.  I think you should make it clearer that video sitemap production will only work for Google, YouTube etc hosted videos - not for videos hosted on your own site.  Yes, there is a page where the warning appears at the bottom,  but it's easy to miss.

Nonetheless - this makes life easier, and that's what it's all about
Re: Very, very nice, and one little quibble
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thank you for your comments!