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Hey everyone, Thought I would share this with you. I will refer to link,7146.html

for a former post I had going on with a issue. I could not get the generator to pick up all of the videos I had posted on my site. It would only p/u the videos from the index page and not the other video pages.
Oleg turned me on to this idea that might work so I tried it and if you got the same problem with the image add on picking up all the videos link all of your video pages back to the home or index page and link your index page to your first video page and sitemap wil p/u it up and send it on its way.
Just a caution on "Broken Links" make sure you have them fixed to make this work properly.

Make sure you have your videos uploaded to YouTube and a few othres it in the information on the img add on and then embed the YouTube code into your html script.
David 8)
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