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I bought the add on for generation of sitemap_news.xml. I added the inclusion link and it generated list of articles at random, loading with the same date. I cannot set description, genre or anything like that, how do I update those, How will I get the articles load in the proper order of publication? Now I am having a hard time access the generator section of the site
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news sitemap is the same as regular sitemap.xml, but incudes only the pages that were added to the site in last few days. There is not sorting order option, publication date is set automatically to the date when the page was discovered by generator.
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that is fine, however the problem is that generator loads the same pages over and over, how one sets this up? Google News accepts only 48 hours of news
Secondly how dos the the refreshing works, it seems that every time the job is run a new sitemap is created rather than the update to existing one?
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Generator compares newly created sitemap with previous one to find out which pages were added, so you would expect to see correct sitemap in a couple of days.