sitemap "renewed"
« on: August 27, 2012, 03:45:24 AM »

How to Make the sitemap "renewed", add new links in the coming days. And not create a sitemap from scratch,
when the work of Crawling.
Even if it did not find the old links during the crawl

thank you
Re: sitemap "renewed"
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sitemap generator needs to crawl the whole site to be able to fnd new links. However, if all new links are added on a specific page, for instance, then you can use that page as Starting URL for generator and limit Maximum depth level setting to "1".
Re: sitemap "renewed"
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thank you ,

No problem of re-crawl all site, but I want to not remove the links that already exist  in the sitemap and do not find it during the second crawl. Is this possible?
Re: sitemap "renewed"
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You can only save existing sitemap with a different filename and submit it seprately to search engines.