Stats on Google & Bing WMT
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I just submitted our site using the instruction for the on line service. I think it worked but as the main site says that I have not submitted a sitemap (I submitted the sitemaps for the new domain for the online service) I wonder if it is actually submitted the site to google and Bing. How often does it submit the new map to google/bing and how can I check it is working? 

Thanks for your assistance.
Re: Stats on Google & Bing WMT
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you should submit sitemap as described in instructions in your Pro service account.
Make sure that you have BOTH domains submitted and verified in Google:
- your website domain
- sitemap location domain, which looks like

Then submit sitemap in domain.
Re: Stats on Google & Bing WMT
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Thanks. I gave this a go but, perhaps I am being thick here.

I have two domins on google one is our site the other is the sitemaps url. I have submitted

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for teh sitemaps url but when I to add the same url for the a our site on Google webmaster it has already filled in the url for our website as the front end of the url for the site map site map by default. How do I change it?

Wew have the same on Bing and comes up with a error message "The sitemap needs to be part of the site. Please enter the full URL of the sitemap and make sure it is on the same domain/host as your site"