I have made simple, but very important changes to my website. I  have changed the name of the company and the contact phone number. I resubmitted the sitemap and google has crawled the edited site but still keeps showing the old version in the SERPS and the cached screenshot.

If you click on the link to the site in the SERPS or click the cached link the new site does load but if surfers see the old name they may not bother to click ?

The problem is that Google should not now be listing the old version in SERPS as it has recrawled.

I've run the sitemap test in webmasters tools and it says no errors found.

I did notice that it is called sitemap-1.xml and I wonder why? ... and does that have any bearing on what is happening?

Should I rename it sitemap.xml ? It's a simple 4 page site with one sitemap.

Thanks for any advice - Marek

Re: sitemap-1.xml - Googled crawled changes but keeps showing old website
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Google has re-crawled my site again since I posted, and still shows the outdated version in the snippet with a defunct company name. On this basis, Google may continue to show the old version forever as surely the basis for updating SERP snippets is a re-crawl to cache the latest version and that has happened twice now since the changes ?

Bing and Yahoo do show the current updated version with the new company name in their results  so the site is obviously technically ok and hasn't any technical problems?

There is an obvious glitch with my site in Google. Can anyone suggest what is wrong? This is obviously very bad for our business