cron job not stopping after specified time in Unlimited v5
« on: November 13, 2012, 08:42:35 PM »

I have been thrilled with using this product on a large e-comm site with 200K products. 

However, I have had a problem with the Crawler Limitations > Maximum Execution Time > Set for 18,000 Sec (5 hours).  It continues to run regardless of my setting. 

Also, I would like to run as a cron job over several days in 5-6 hour increments, but I can't get the program to pick up where it left off on the last run. It simply overwrites the previous partial crawl unless I run the process manually.  In other words, I can't keep checked the Crawling > Resume Last Session > Continue the interrupted session.

Running Unlimited v5 on php 5.2.17.

If needed I can provide credentials for access (via PM).

Thank you!