stemap nightmare Help!
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I am having a hard time creating the sitemap it will not complete, the software we use creates duplicate url addresses for the same url some are Google friendly some are not. Anyway I am having a problem in finding which ones to add to the exclusion list, the only urls i want followed and in the sitemap are the home page, product pages, news pages, coupon page, faq page, also need the actual sitemap software the template uses deactivated just encase that causes a problem.
 Please help happy to pay the installation fee again for this site.
Re: stemap nightmare Help!
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what are example URL that you don't want to be added in sitemap?
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Hi This is part of the issue identifying what they are, I was trying to generate a site map so i could locate these urls but I think there are to many urls for sitemap generator to work.

some i have found are :

also do not want search pages, review pages,discussion pages.
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Re: stemap nightmare Help!
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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.