large numbers of url's
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 :-[my website have 200000 pages so i have to manually create sitemap files


or it will generate automatically ? please suggest thanks
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what is the correct way to create them?



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Ok, the answer is in the instructions, just read  :-X

Google doesn't support sitemap files with more than 50,000 pages. That's why script supports "Sitemap Index" creation for the big sites. So, it will create one sitemap index file and multiple sitemap files with 50 thousand pages each.
For instance, your website has about 140,000 pages. The XML sitemap generator will create these files:
"sitemap.xml" - sitemap index file that includes links to other files (filename depends on what you entered in the "Save sitemap to" field)
"sitemap1.xml" - sitemap file (URLs from 1 to 50,000)
"sitemap2.xml" - sitemap file (URLs from 50,001 to 100,000)
"sitemap3.xml" - sitemap file (URLs from 100,001 to 140,000)
Please make sure all of these files are writable if your website is large.

What we now want to know is, if I set the sitemap compressed, so with. Gz extension, I have to create the same or these files are automatically created??
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Files need to be created manually first, filenames would  be sitemap.xml.gz, sitemap1.xml.gz etc.