I have wpengine hosting now.  They dont have cpanel access for users to set up a cron job.  I talked to them though and they said the only thing they can do is set up for a cron on their end to be run every 60 seconds??  That was my only option. ??

They sent me a link to [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] to set up my own cron?   in a wordpress functions file I guess?
How do I do that so I can get a cron to run once per night?

I found this article:
[ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]
...but I am not a coder. I am not sure how to apply this to this sitemap generator. The cron I need is listed as: 
/usr/bin/php /nas/wp/www/cluster-2810/websitename
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Re: wpengine hosting, no cron setup, wordpress functions file for cron?
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You can try to setup a "web cron" that runs a URL instead of local command line, with URL: