Perhaps ...
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..., as you can get xml-sitemap to run, on my site (, you might tell me how, in plain words, or do it, with new o/p fids as evidence. I've tried, had others try, too, but to no avail. Each time, it stalls at,

Links depth: 1
Current page: articles/oldw/onlinedating4w-advantages.htm
Pages added to sitemap: 60
Pages scanned: 60 (814.7 Kb)
Pages left: 35 (+ 655 queued for the next depth level)
Time passed: 0:01
Time left: 0:00
Memory usage: 585.8 Kb

Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/www/grubstreet/generator/pages/ on line 8

I even tried changing the fid, where it stalls. Nada.

      If it runs for you, as mentioned in a earlier response, perhaps you could simply run the program for me, one last time. Should it work, I'll accept the fact it's me that's at fault, and buy another site map program, which I can figure out how to run for myself. Then you'll be done with me, forever. What I need to see is a new site map, to evince claims, either way. As your last e-mail suggested you could skirt security, I shan't include a password. Surprise me, and get this program working on my site.

Re: Can I Specifiy Time for Daily Regeneration of Sitemap?
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I was able to do that since you provided us with ftp details (we have installed the script for you).
Yes, but ...
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... I changed the password after you installed the program (sic) and before your claim to have re-run it. Enuff of opaque, partial answers to half-read inquires. Will find another program that works; obviously, you don't care to deliver. All I can think of to conclude with is an old quote, "He who steals my purse, steals trash."
Re: Can I Specifiy Time for Daily Regeneration of Sitemap?
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you can see the last sitemap generation time in generator interface ("Sitemap details" block on the left side) - it states that sitemap was successfully re-created after your initial post.