fetal error
« on: April 17, 2015, 12:28:43 PM »
i was running a script for making site map i don't there is error coming up could you please explain me what sort of error is that and how can i resolve it
complete screen msg is that

Links depth: 3
Current page: property/propertysearch?postal_code=North+East+&latitude=51.5112&longitude=-0.119824&forsearch=address&postcode=NE22%2C+NE23%2C+NE24%2C+NE41%2C+NE42%2C+NE43%2C+NE44%2C+NE45%2C+NE46%2C+NE47%2C+NE48%2C+NE49%2C+NE61%2C+NE62%2C+NE63%2C+NE64%2C+NE65%2C+NE66%2C+NE67%2C+NE68%2C+NE69%2C+NE70%2C+NE71%2C+TD12%2C+TD15%2C+DH4%2C+DH5%2C+NE1%2C+NE10%2C+NE11%2C+NE12%2C+NE13%2C+NE15%2C+NE16%2C+NE17%2C+NE18%2C+NE19%2C+NE20%2C+NE2%2C+NE21%2C+NE25%2C+NE26%2C+NE27%2C+NE28%2C+NE29%2C+NE3%2C+NE30%2C+NE31%2C+NE32%2C+NE33%2C+NE34%2C+NE35%2C+NE36%2C+NE37%2C+NE38%2C+NE39%2C+NE4%2C+NE40%2C+NE5%2C+NE6%2C+NE7%2C+NE8%2C+NE9%2C+NE99%2C+SR1%2C+SR2%2C+SR3%2C+SR4%2C+SR5%2C+SR6%2C+SR9%2C+DH1%2C+DH2%2C+DH3%2C+DH6%2C+DH7%2C+DH8%2C+DH9%2C+DL12%2C+DL13%2C+DL14%2C+DL15%2C+DL16%2C+DL17%2C+DL1%2C+DL2%2C+DL3%2C+DL4%2C+DL5%2C+SR7%2C+SR8%2C+TS28%2C+TS29&searchtype=sell&property_type_search=1&property_type=Flats%20/%20Apartments&bedrooms=2
Pages added to sitemap: 4478
Pages scanned: 4480 (354,617.7 KB)
Pages left: 2257 (+ 39906 queued for the next depth level)
Time passed: 0:46:47
Time left: 0:23:34
Memory usage: 98,452.1 Kb
Resuming the last session (last updated: 2015-04-17 10:48:49)
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71981687 bytes) in /home/propflow/public_html/generator/pages/class.utils.inc.php on line 102
Re: fetal error
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it looks like your server configuration doesn't allow to run the script long enough to create full sitemap. Please try to increase memory limit setting in sitemap generator configuration.
Re: fetal error
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2015, 10:38:13 AM »

could you please tel me how could i do this
Re: fetal error
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2015, 09:44:14 AM »
You need to open generator page in browser and increase "Maximum memory usage" setting under "Crawler Limitations" section.