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Just purchased XML-Sitemap generator. Seems to index fine, though I had to resume a couple of times. It says it has indexed around 300k pages.

However it freezes in the last stage when it says "Generating sitemaps". Stops at around 20-22% every time I try.

Aborting and doing to overview shows link to the xml-files, but they are all empty.
Re: Freezes
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in this case I would recommend to run generator in command line if you have ssh access to your server.
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Thanks for answering.

I managed to finally save the sitemaps. To do it, I had to give php write access to the home directory. Even then, it still looked as if it went into a loop, and froze Chrome when I left it over night. This time at least the xml and zips are saved.

Let me give you some feedback. Compared to your competitors, your interface is great. The approach of using php to generate the sitemaps are great. The price is great.

However, (as a programmer) there is a few things I would like to give feedback about.

* It is very easy in php to check if the file-permissions is appropriate. You can even write a small file, and then read it back to check if everything is OK.

* I think it is a bad idea to store the xml's directly in the home directory. It is better to store them within the programs directory and then copy them afterwards. This gives a lot less security issues. In my setting, I actually wanted to keep the old (bad) sitemaps in place while going through the process of generating new ones.
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thank you for your feedback.
According to installation instruction it is recommended to manually create empty sitemap.xml (sitemap1.xml/sitemap2.xml/..) file in home folder and allow write access to those files instead of setting write permissions for the whole home folder.
Also, it is possible to change location of sitemap file ("Save sitemap to" setting).
Re: Freezes
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Yes, and I did according to instructions. However, since when you dont know the number of urls, you have no idea about how many sitemaps will be created by the crawler. In my case I ended up with a total of 20 files, but it could have been many more. It also tries to creates .xml.gz-files in the same directory. And I cant find anything about the exact naming conventions for those extra files.

It was more meant as a friendly advice, than a complaint.