Help with "Crawing" tab...
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OK, I have a very large site, over 200,000 pages.

I started the Crawl about a week ago, and for the first few days, when I went to the"Crawl" tab, it showed me the progress (How many pages were crawled, how many scheculed for next level, etc".

But not, when I click on the Crawling Tab, it takes about a minute and just somes back saying:


Run In Background
O  Do not interrupt the script even after closing the browser window until the crawling is complete

It no longer shows me any stats on it's progress.  Is this normal?

Thank you.
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Re: Help with "Crawing" tab...
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perhaps the script times out when reading the progress from the current dump file (which may be the case when dump is huge). I suggest you to execute sitemap generator from command line via ssh for better performance.
Re: Help with "Crawing" tab...
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OK, I do have access to the server root, but am not proficient in ssh.   I do have Putty.

Can you please tell me exactly how to run the script in SSH to do this?   Please be specific as I do not know ssh well at all.